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Mangakotukutuku Streamcare Group

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It’s a real team effort from the volunteers of the Mangakotukutuku Streamcare Group that are helping native koura, giant and banded kokopu and a number of other native species at the Mangakotuku Stream.

The group has been working in the park for about seven years and recently began to create a water outlet for controlling the water level to accommodate the native fish that have been introduced.

Low numbers of koura and banded kokopu have been found in the stream. These particular types of fish are known to seek out wood-related habitat. So the Care Group set about adding wood to the stream to give these species an attractive home while avoiding undue risk of debris and flooding problems in stormflows.

Waikato River Authority has been a big sponsor of the group as well as strong support from Waikato Regional Council, Hamilton City Council and Tonkin and Taylor the engineering group.

Volunteer numbers vary, but when it’s time for planting or weeding a core team is always there to get things going. If you would like to get your gardening gloves out and help be sure to contact Grant or Kevin through the Mangakotukutuku website.

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